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Have you ever thought of spending your money in exploring the unexplored areas of India, or by doing some fun and entertainment? If yes, its high time you spent your money at the right place. Get yourself in touch with some trips in coastal areas, gift yourself an exotic honeymoon to Andaman, Gamble in Goa, or have some fun by trekking. India has an access to all the exciting activities, which everyone must try before dieing. Though, there are many places to visit, and many things to do, I am listing the best 10 things to do in India before you die.


1. Gambling In Goa:

Get into a casino in Goa, and gamble like there is no tomorrow. All the top rated casinos of India are located in Goa. Take a drink, have some continental food, and spend your money in gambling. The more you play cleverly, more becomes the chance of getting your amount doubled. It’s an ideal destination to visit with friends. Casinos also have discos inside. Have a hard drink, gamble, roam around, and dance like never before. A “must visit” place for all.

Best Time To Visit: November to February
How To Go:  Goa is linked with many cities via train, bus and flights. Flights and trains are available from Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore on daily basis. Buses are also available from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore
Activities to do: Going to Casino, Scuba Diving , Hot Air Balloon , Parasailing.


2. Go for An exotic Honeymoon To Andaman:

If you are a travel loving couple, then travel to Andaman. This place is free from the busy city life and you can enjoy a peaceful stay here. Take a ride in a glass bottom boat to view underwater life, chill out in the beach, book a resort, have a candle night dinner, check out some of the best wines available there. This place is a “must visit “for all.

Best Time To Visit: October To February
How To Go: Andaman is connected to all major Indian cities via Flight and Ship service. Ships are available from Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam. Flights are available from Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Vizag up to Port Blair.
Activities to do: Snorkeling, Scuba Diving.


3. Stay In a Rented House-boat in Alleppey:

Best place to relax a bit. Have you ever wanted to explore the open seas? Have you ever wanted to spend your time in a boat and enjoy exotic life? Then this the perfect destination for you. The backwaters surrounded by natural beauty enchants everyone. Have the taste of fresh authentic Kerala food and sea food inside boat house. Take a drink, and enjoy a relaxing stay.

Best Time To Visit: October To February
How To Go: 53 km from Cochin, the capital city of Kerala (1hr 5mins, self drive).Taxis and buses are available from Kochi
Activities to do: Boating, Sightseeing


4. Take a Road-Trip Across Coastal India:

The best way to explore India is by taking a road trip. Best Coastal areas are Chennai, Kerala and Goa.The fancy highways, interior roads, beautiful landscapes, small towns along the way impresses everyone and provides a soothing experience. Go to the beach, eat sea foods, drink beer, and have some continental food, stay at a resort in Goa, and enjoy the serenity of Nature in Kerala. The Road trip will fascinate you in all respects. You can see many mountains, rivers, temples, waterfalls along side roads.

Best Time To Visit: October To February
How To Go: Chennai,Goa and Kerala are connected with almost all major Indian cities. You can take a straight way drive from Mumbai to Goa,Goa To Kerala and Kerala To Chennai.
Activities to do: Sight-Seeing


 5. Camp under open night sky at Kinner Camps, Sangla:

Probably the best place to do camping in India. The Baspa River flows between the camps. The beautiful mountains, the gushing sound of water, adds extra flavour to camping in this place. The river is at a walking distance of 4-5minutes from this place. Sit near bonfire, eat some local food, do some trekking, and have a view of the rich natural serenity. This place is the perfect place for visiting with friends and relaxing on the lap of nature.

Best Time To Visit: October To February
How To Go: Buses and taxis are available from Shimla on daily basis. Trains are available up to Shimla from Delhi, Mumbai, and all other major Indian cities.
Activities to do: Camping, Trekking, Swimming


6.Stay At a Heritage Resort In Udaipur:

This destination is one of the best destinations for couples to stay for a night or two. Resorts in Udaipur are unique of its kind. Udaipur is considered as one of the best romantic cities of India because of the presence of famed lakes and palaces. Sothis is undoubtedly a perfect honeymoon destination. The best palace is the Taj Lake Palace. The wonderful and splendid architecture of the palace impresses everyone. Services offered here are good. Rich cultural heritage and tradition of Rajasthan are reflected from the architecture of these palaces.

Best Time To Visit: October to March 
How To Go: Trains, buses, taxis are available from Jaipur to Udaipur. Jaipur is connected via Train, Bus and flight service with all major Indian Cities.
Activities to do: Sight-Seeing


7. Have a Visit to Varkala, Kerala:

This place is probably one of the best places in Kerala. The cliffs, greenery, and the sea combine to make the kind of awesome landscape that one can just relax. The Ayurvedic centres in Varkala that will help one’s body to get relaxed. One can stay at one of the cottage-style homes and can enjoy a peaceful climate, that will boost his mental condition  and will reduce stress. A perfect destination for everyone.

Best Time To Visit: October To February
How To Go: Trains are available from Cochin. Buses are also available on daily basis.
Activities to do: Sight-Seeing


8. Visit Agatti Island:

This beautiful island makes everyone spell bound by its unparallel beauty. The snorkelling is amazing. The crystal clear water of the sea and blue lagoons in the island impresses everyone. Stay in a beach side resort, enjoy continental food, have a drink and relax in the serenity of surroundings.

Best Time To Visit: December To March
How To Go: Nearest Railway Station in Kochi (458km from Agatti). Flights are available from Kochi to Agatti Island
Activities to do: Swimming, sightseeing


9. Visit Gangtok:

Gangtok, also called as the clean city, is perhaps one of the best destinations to travel friends and family. The city is refreshingly clean and well organized, and many tourists spend many days here to make travel arrangements and see the beautiful and fascinating sights. Gangtok is a real destination for nature lovers. It is undoubtedly the ideal place for tourists as the city is located in the eastern Himalayas range and features an excellent variety of flora and fauna in addition to a wider range of mountains and hill peaks, which gives this place a perfect taste.

Best Time To Visit: October To November
How to go: Nearest Airport is Bagdogra Airport. Helicopter service is available from Bagdogra Airport to Gangtok. Also nearest station is New Jalpaiguri station. Various buses and taxies are available from new jalpaiguri station to Gangtok.
Activities To Do: Trekking, Hot Air Balloon Ride


 10. Visit Kamshet:

 This place is just an ultimate destination for peace-lovers. Mountains, Lakes, Flora and fauna around the place will blow anyone’s kind. It’s a must visit place for Paragliding lovers. A reservoir is also present here and one can enjoy wading and swimming. The lake is very beautiful and its beauty is unparallel with any other attraction in this place.

Best Time To Visit: December To March
How To Go: Trains & Taxis are available from Mumbai on daily basis.
Activities to do: Swimming, Paragliding
Other attractions: Bhaja Caves, Kondeshwar Temple, Bedse Caves, Karla Caves, Forts.

Do these 10 things before you die. Visit the places, have a road trip, and enjoy in the beautiful beaches of India. Just take out 1 month from your daily work and live life for a while. People say, “Money can’t buy happiness”. But this proverb will definitely be proved wrong, once you get to live for some days in these places. One will surely remember his/her visit to these places for a life time.